Pro Dommes

Pro Dommes

You already know about Dommes but in your mind a question is arising that “What is Pro Dommes?” The answer is that out of those dommes who act professionally are generally known as Pro Dommes. A pro domme is selling a service actually. It’s the rare man who wants to part with his money and not have at least some of his needs satisfied in return. What this means is that the surrender is only partial, the control is less than total. A pro domme wants you as a repeat customer; so some of what she does is designed to please you, not her. This is not a bad thing. It’s neutral. You just have to understand that it happens and factor that into your assessment of BDSM and how it fits into your life.


Professional v Amateur Domme

Most of the women start their journey as a Domme with an amateur Mistress. And then they become Professional with the passage of time. The advantage of becoming professional is that it pushes their own limits and gives them the mindset to try things. The choice between these 2 types of domme depends on 1) Where someone is in their life professionally or personally 2) What they are looking for & 3) How much they would like to invest in their choice like time, energy, emotions etc. In a Pro-session, the lady may well enjoy herself very much and will usually control the play where the sub is usually paying to have his fantasies fulfilled which tend to provide the context for and direction of the session. But this does not happen at all in the case of amateur domme.

Tips for Finding a Pro Domme

You have to remember that though you’re dealing with a dominant female, you want her to take control during your session where as you’re still a paying customer.  Now that doesn’t mean that you can make a ton of demands and act rude, that’s will surely fire you & make yourself blacklisted.  There’s also very little room for fee negotiation.  If you start haggling with her, you’ll lose her.  There are more sub missives out there who are willing to pay more than the going rate for a good session then they can handle so keep that in mind. It may take more time for first sessions to find the right lady but it will pay off in the long run.  The more time you take choosing your pro domme the better and more memorable your sessions will be.