What is feet sex

What is feet sex:

Feet sex is another form of sexual entertainment. To speak frankly, feet sex is nothing but one of the uses of non-sexual parts of our body. It is true that feet sex can entertain you just like the other sex positions though you or your partner’s feet is not a sexual part of your body. In fact people having more sex in the common form of sexual intercourse get bored of the usual sexual activities. New inventions like this may be a great opportunity for them.

How to enjoy this with your partner?

You can use this as your main intercourse or to simulate your and your partner’s sexual feelings. This is mainly just licking foot or sucking those. Though you don’t have any sexual nerve in your feet, your mental feelings can make you feel like having sex.  Licking, kissing, sucking toes, tickling, person giving foot jobs, or trampling are included in feet sex as these can also entertain you to your fullest thirst. You may proceed with kissing leaps of your partner and after that you can touch her whole body to make her thirsty for sex. Then you can hold her feet in your hands and start kissing, licking her feet or anything you want to do with those. You can be sure about your satisfaction because many people in many countries are much satisfied with this process.

Don’t think of any side effect!!

Some may think that this might have any side effect. But we can assure you that this has no side effect. Here we can give you some explanation-as there is no nerve in your feet that can give any sexual response, there is not even a single chance of your getting harm. It just can accelerate your getting more sexual experience. So, don’t even think of avoiding Feet sex, just go ahead and enjoy your sex life!