Enemas- Are you ready to get dirty with me?

Enema is mainly a process of introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via anus.Infact the invention of enema was only for medical treatment. When the liquid is introduced, the increasing volume of the liquid causes extreme urgency and evacuation of the lower intestinal tract. But now-a-days, enema is being used for sexual purpose. And to say the truth, it is really a very popular sort of sexual entertainment.

Who and Why do they use?

Many people uses enema for the first time just to enjoy the new test. But most often they get addicted to it. It has been seen that Homosexual people mainly prefer this type of sexual entertainment. It is thought that, some people who are not sexually active, get more tends to this. Sometimes a man or a woman get enema sex to enjoy sex to their fullest thirst. But this is not the real reason, enema is most popular to the sex loving people all over the world.

How to use ENEMA in sexual purpose?

Enema is mainly a sort of SYRINGE with a rectal nozzle and a bulb or bag. The user is placed in a appropriate position and then the nozzle is inserted into the anus. There is a difference between the medical useenema and recreational enema. Enema used in sexual purpose has larger and inflated nozzle. The most amazing thing about enema is it is not only for individuals, it can be utilized with partners-male or female. In case of a male enema sex, it simulates the prostate gland, so that the male gets sexual entertainment. For a female it is as enjoyable as a anal sex indeed. Enema can be said as a form of anal toy sex.

It is somewhere heard that enema sex is harmful for health-both physical and sexual. But medically it does not have any. Sometimes excess of enema sex can really do harm.