Dominants- Welcome to My World, You Better Obey

For those who take the superior position in a relationship of sexual nature, they are called dominants ( men) or dommes(females).  A very common practice behind closed doors in the bedroom involves the role of the superior one taking control of the inferior ( or submissive).  There are varying levels of this form of sexual play, but the one thing that always stays common is that one person is always in control.  There are generally rules and of course there are consequences for breaking the rules.


The relationship of Dominant and his Submissive(s)

There are varying levels of this type of sexual play. They can be extreme or they can be very mild. The person in control always holds the upper hand and will not allow the submissive to achieve any type of sexual relief, until they say so.  This can be done through the use of certain activities such as slavery, verbal or public humiliation, water sports, bondage, whipping and just about anything else one can imagine.  These relationship’s do not always involve love and sometimes do not even require physical contact.  The controlling partner may also have more than submissive.  This type of play can become very dangerous, so be sure to always use a safe word.  If you have ever wanted to have the feeling of complete helplessness, then you may love to experience how it feels to be a submissive.  The dominant person gets great sexual pleasure and satisfaction of being able to do what they wish with thier partner.

Equipment to enforce the rules

Exploring a dominant relationship often involves the use of some sexual toys that are used as part of the methods of control.  These can include slave collars, chastity devices, ropes, bondage equipment, spanking benches and much more.  Some who are very deep into the scene will often have a dungeon in their home used as their play room.  There are many BSDM clubs that will also feature these devices and can be used as part of the humiliation aspect.

Contracts and Safety

While this type of play is very erotic, there is the danger element as well. Most partners will enter into the dominant play with a safe word.  The safe word should always be used when the play has become to much for one to bear. Remember this is for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of your master, but safety should always come first.  Another element can be the use of slave contacts.  This is a contract that both parties will sign and can be for designated amount of time.  MM, how erotic is that?