Crossdressing- Wine, Dine and 69 Me

Cross Dressing has always been a part of our culture.  From the ancient times to present day the art of dressing in the opposite sex clothing has long sparked a sexual mystery.  Dressing in the other gender’s clothing has been seen in performance arts, works of literature and today is commonly seen as part of a sexual fetish.


Fetish Cross Dressing

What could be more erotic then dressing head to toe to make yourself appear like the other gender? In this form one will aim for a fully feminized look. Men will spend hours making themselves look like a woman.  This includes hair, nails, the dress, and even shaving one’s body hair.  The act of getting all dressed up to appear to be a woman is very erotic for those who have this fetish. The goal of this art is to bring one to the sexual pleasure that can be obtained from appearing to be the other sex.  Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful feminize version of yourself.  That alone could bring one to the sexual peak.

Forced Cross dressing

While this is also part of the fetish world, this involves one being forced into dressing into the clothes of a woman.  This can be used with BSDM and this will require some level of trust between the partners.  In this particular sexual act there is often a level of guilt or shame that one feel’s about their desire to cross dress. So, they have someone force them to dress in this way. Generally the act of forcing one to become a sissy maid or slut will have pleasure for both parties.