Anal Sex

Anal Sex-Enjoying From A Different Dimension

Anal Sex is something like the ancient Roman heroes to explode the full power & domination your female partner to make her feel your fiery power & to make her feel the pleasure of sex.The Sex act which is involving   the insertion of an erect penis, finger or object into the anus of a sex partner  to provide and achieve a great sexual  pleasure is termed as anal sex, one of the  most  taboo forms of sexual  play commonly practiced.



Feelings of asses fucked

The mixed feelings are available on this type of sex act. It is embarrassing for many people to admit they like having their anus touched or stimulated. But it has no cause to feel embarrassed. From many years ago it had been a important part of a sexual practice. In general everybody thinks that anal sex are practiced exclusively by gay man. The researchers dispelled this misconception. This sex act is a very common among hetero sexual relationships. It also be found in lesbian lovemaking.


How fucked in asses
The anus, more tighter than vagina has no  own lubrication and a strong muscle is available in which helps to keep things out of the rectum. It is very important to use lubrication for removing the irritation of the lining of the anus. At the time of inserting something into the anus it is also necessary to enter slowly and stop when pain or resistances are induced.


Risk of asses fucked
It is also a high risk sex practice containing sexually controlled diseases. For that  Everybody should  maintain to  safe sex practice. It may be occurred HIV and other sex diseases. Sometimes it also occurred Anal Fissures, Hemorrhoids, Anal Cancer, Rectal Prolapse etc. Many ways are available to reduce the risk of anal sex. If you consider these facts before having anal sex, that will be better to enjoy this pleasure.